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About Us

a pharmaceutical company founded in 2013, focusing at the import, distribution and marketing of medicines, medical devices and food supplements from European producers! We prove to be an exclusive representation in the Republic of Moldova of internationally recognized companies such as:

  • Accord Healthcare (UK) — Oncological Medicines
  • Pharmalink SL (Spain) — Force NRG Ginseng, Force NRG Carnitine, FREENOSE nasal aspirator
  • Sun Wave Pharma (Romania) — Respisun, Wormex, Hepaid Junior, Altrifer LDS, 4 Bones, Tiolin Complex, Fluend, Neurovert Forte and others.
  • Pharmacosmetic-Diafarm (Greece) — Sea water Athomer, Athomer Propolis, Athomer Hypertonic
  • Epsilon Health (Greece) — Algoral, Effecol, Effecol Junior, Effecol Prep, Diolin Liquid, Minotik, Silben Nano, Donafil
  • Heaton (Czech Republic) Vagilact NTC
  • Sakura Italia (Sakura) — Clogin Elle
  • SOLE PHARMA (Latvia) — Olefar Duo, Hepastrong Amino, SOLURO OD, Stressnol, Artroveron 5 in 1

Our vision

Prosanitas Farm SRL is going to become a leading company in Moldova specialized in supplu of innovative food supplements and medical devices from European suppliers.

Our mission

Prosanitas Farm SRLs business is based on simplicity, cost-efficiency and innovation. We have introduced to the market many of innovative products that became top selling in their categories. Our main mission consists in improving quality of life of people living in Moldova by offering high quality products with demonstrated clinical efficiency.

Our values

We follow the procedures and guidelines, but are not afraid to find new ways to solve problems, or to adapt to changing market needs.

We never give up, but continue until a solution is in place. It is important to create results, set new goals and achieve them. We wish to constantly improve ourselves.

Our aim is to achieve the highest possible standards in our processes, products and services, and provide a safe and rewarding work environment for our employees.

Company address: 

Mircea cel Batrin 11/6 of.408 Chisinau, Moldova